Fauquier Baptist Church
Saturday, September 23, 2023
     It's that time of the year when many are excited about taking a deserved break from the rat race that we have to put up with. I, for one, like to go off occasionally, not necessarily calling it a vacation, but nonetheless a break from the daily grind and pressures of everyday life. Our Lord Himself took time out on occasion to get away from the crowd, and rest.
     My favorite place to get away from things for a few days is the Cherokee Indian Reservation in the mountains of western North Carolina.  It is a blessing to go there. Right in the middle of the reservation is a church, Cherokee Baptist Church, a testimony to those on vacation that God is there, and the Gospel is preached there. As a matter of fact as one looks around and walks the beautiful nature trails (there are many) it cannot be helped but to be deeply touched in the depths of one's soul, that all the eye sees is there because God decreed it to be. On top of Mt. Mitchell, one of the highest points in the eastern United States, one cannot help but to praise God for his wonderful works. A beautiful place on earth but nothing compared to Heaven our home in Glory.
     I am looking forward to going to Cherokee before winter, but not to get away from God. In II Timothy 4:2 we are told regarding the Word of God to "be instant in season, out of season..." For the Christian, there is no season to take a vacation from the things of God. We all should be, as described in II Timothy 2:3 "A good soldier of Jesus Christ." Having been a soldier in the USAF and taking an oath (most know the oath), there was not then a time when I wasn't a soldier, no matter where I was or what I was doing. At home, at church, at the beach, fishing, hunting, on a B-52 Bomber, I was still a soldier.  Likewise, since I received Jesus as my Saviour I have been a soldier in the Lord's army and it is my duty to be a good representative no matter where I may be or what I'm doing and not try to hide it. I also know that I will give account to God (all God's children will) about this one day. (Romans 14:12)
     Christianity should never take a vacation, thus, I want to encourage you all to be good soldiers for God no matter where you go on vacation. Put God first! To do this is pleasing to our Lord and Saviour. I trust that all will have a great vacation!
     I want every reader to know that you are welcome to come and worship with us.  We are a young church, a Bible believing church; a Christ-centered church, where the Gospel of Jesus is preached. This young church is here for YOU.
     May God bless each of you.