Fauquier Cowboy Church
Monday, December 10, 2018



PLEASE NOTE: If you have sent an inquiry VIA the CONTACT SIDEBAR on the website AND did not hear from us, we sincerely APOLOGIZE, it has come to our attention that this feature of our web site through LIFEWAY has not been working for quite a while.
UNTIL we get this resolved or move to another website provider, PLEASE just E-MAIL us at cowboypreacher70@hughes.net  we value your interest and will always answer any question you may have involving COWBOY CHURCH.  AGAIN,  we were unaware of this problem until someone brought it to our attention. THANKS!!!!!!

Coming up in the NEW YEAR, expect a number of changes at cowboy church.  An improvement/improvements in and around our church house, building and grounds, videos of the PREACHING SERVICES. Most importantly, we are offering a NEW MINISTRY... We will come to you and your family, neighbors, and bring a message from the God's Word, in your home, WHERE YOU can see and hear first hand a message from a cowboy preacher. Lots of things coming up, but remember this, YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT COWBOY CHURCH!  

Directions to FAUQUIER COWBOY CHURCH: The church property is located at 10550 James Madison Hwy., (Rt. 29), Bealeton, Va. From Warrenton, head south on 29 toward OPAL, then go approximately 2 miles past the OPAL Interchange toward Culpeper, the church property is located on the right, sign out front. FROM CULPEPER on Rt. 29, The church is somewhat hard to see from the road due to a hill. The best thing is to go to the intersection of Covington Corner Rd. (the next intersection up from COWBOY CHURCH) and come back, COWBOY CHURCH IS ON THE RIGHT... can't miss it!! 
Thanks for taking the time to read the cowboy church website! Much obliged. We WOULD LOVE to have you come and gather with us. Services: 10:00 AM, BIBLE STUDY, 11:00 SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP. 
We are the only COWBOY CHURCH in this part of the country, but more are coming! We are part of the COWBOY CHURCH NETWORK OF NORTH AMERICA, BAPTIST, with fellow BAPTIST COWBOY CHURCHES churches from one end of our great country to the other. Why cowboy church? For one thing, we stick to the WORD OF GOD as was in the olden days, not conforming to the political correctness crowd that has taken over so many churches these days. We don't mind BOOTS, HATS, TRUCKS or HARLEYS, "cinch" up whatever your ride is and come on out, remember what God said; "Man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart" (I Samuel 16:7). You or I will not answer or give account to man, we will give answer ONLY to GOD!
It's not big news that we live in a day of much confusion, especially in the religious realm. So many have "hung up their spurs" on the Lord's church. Cowboy Church promises that you will hear the GOSPEL preached straight out of the BOOK, the WORD OF GOD, THE BIBLE. NO GIMMICKS HERE! No one leaves without a clear cut way to HEAVEN. We do not blush or apologize for strong Bible preaching, and adherence to the WORD OF GOD. This may be the just the place for you to plant your spiritual life that you have been looking for, a good place to hang your hat! 
Just in case you're wondering, you don't need to own a horse, ranch, or farm to be a part of this church. It doesn't matter if you live in the town, city, or if you ride a computer, 18 wheeler, Harley, or walk, nor does it matter if you own not a stitch of western attire, you will be welcomed with a handshake or slap on the back. Hats, boots, etc., OK. ALL are welcome at Fauquier Cowboy Church!
Our Pastor, Jim Branyon, USAF Military veteran, was born and reared in Anderson County, S.C., down on the Georgia line, has spent much time in the state of TEXAS and has had a lifelong association with, horses (roping, racing, shoeing, rodeo, etc), cows, and all manner of farm animals and crops. When he speaks of ranch and farm life, he's "Been there and done that."
Our Pastor's profession before God's calling was in the banking industry. He gave it up completely upon God's calling, and pursued the business of the ALMIGHTY. He holds several degrees not only in Theology, but in finance and banking. All that aside for what it's worth, as he said "I'VE BEEN TO THE CROSS" and that matters most. 
Expect down home sermons from the Word of God, with sprinklings of humor that stick to the mind and heart. No gimmicks here.  
Get to know us even more by reading some of the sermons presented in our website, even better, COME!

OUR PASTOR: Dr. Jim Branyon, 

HOME PHONE 540 347 0074

CHURCH PHONE 540 439 8255 

E-Mail: cowboypreacher70@hughes.net