Fauquier Baptist Church
Sunday, January 16, 2022



                                                              WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE!!!!!

  Welcome to the FAUQUIER BAPTIST CHURCH website. Feel free to Brouse    the sermons, AND, thanks for looking us up, may GOD BLESS YOU.  



The story goes like this... back in the old days a wheel came off the teamster's wagon and the teamster didn't have a monkey wrench to tighten the wheel nut. Most of us know what a monkey wrench is, one was carried on wagons, later on tractors, the wrench was designed to fit 4 or 5 different bolts. Anyhow, the teamster sent his young helper to the nearest homestead to borrow a monkey wrench. The fellow soon came to a ranch where a woman came out with her 7 children. The cowboy asked if she had a monkey wrench? "She said she didn't all they had were cattle, chickens, and a few horses, and down the road her neighbor had sheep which was a constant problem, and the next nearest neighbor has a little of about everything. No sir, there ain't no monkey ranches that I know of and besides if there were I'd be mad, the sheep are bad enough but a monkey ranch would be intolerable, how could a rancher keep them in, they would be trouble, I sure hope no one starts a monkey ranch!" The cowboy said, "but all I want is a monkey wrench!!" The woman got a little irritated saying, "I told you there ain't no monkey ranches nowhere around here, now GIT! The cowboy was a little retarded anyhow and left very baffled. When he got back to the wagon he told the boss, there ain't no monkey wrenches around here!
Now a monkey wrench is a FIT-ALL tool of days gone by. Many today think there is a fit-all, way to Heaven, many ways, but, Our Lord said Himself that He only is the way. John 14:6 is as clear as it can be, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." The Muslim folks and such like hate this verse, but notice  we don't find any exceptions, no, not a one. In this day of diversity, inclusiveness and anything goes, don't buy into it! There are no monkey wrenches to heaven, just one way, Jesus Christ. Hope you enjoyed the story of the MONKEY WRENCH!  
We are a fairly new church, and have been, like most churches, devastated by the COVID problems, however, God has been mighty good to us through all the confusion, mandates and such. Thanks be to God that our property is fully paid in full. Presently we meet at 11:00 for hymns, preaching and fellowship and soon we will be back to Sunday School. Our church is built around NOTHING LESS THAN the WORD OF GOD, not an entertainment center, we sing the old-time hymns, and preach the OLD TIME GOSPEL applied to today's situations, and many challenges. Come visit, you will find friendly caring folks, as someone said, "YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!"
 OUR USUAL MINISTRIES: Nursing homes, COWBOY CHURCH, REVIVALS, more as we return to normal. 
 FAUQUIER BAPTIST CHURCH: The church property is located at 10550 James Madison Hwy., (Rt. 29), Bealeton, Va. From Warrenton, head south on 29 toward OPAL, then go approximately 2 miles past the OPAL Interchange toward Culpeper, the church property is located on the right, sign out front. FROM CULPEPER on Rt. 29, The church is somewhat hard to see from the road due to a hill. The best thing is to go to the intersection of Covington Corner Rd. (the next intersection up from the church and come back, FAUQUIER BAPTIST CHURCH IS ON THE RIGHT... can't miss it!!