Fauquier Baptist Church
Monday, June 27, 2022


From our pastor
First, I never thought I'd ever be a preacher of the WORD OF GOD. My thinking as a young man was that after high school there in Anderson County South Carolina, I would study agriculture at Clemson University and go on to make my mark in this world. Like many things in life, changes come as one gets older. In my case which I cannot adequately describe why, I joined the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, at the age of 17 when the Vietnam war was heating up. My Mother said later, "SON, I LIKED TO HAVE DIED WHEN YOU LEFT HOME." Looking back over the years, there is no doubt that GOD was in it, as in the military I met and married my wife, my only wife, and what a blessing she has been and is. I say HEAVEN SENT! 
I served my country in an elite military unit to do with B-52 bombers and on the side loved racing automobiles, sport cars, drag racing, lot of folks thought I would not last long on this earth. "HE IS WILD"... many said. Moving on, not to take up much space, after service, it was then education at the universities. My profession was FINANCE, BANKING, and AGRICULTURE. I never strayed from my "COUNTRY BOY" roots, still love to work the soil, garden, animals, still live out in the country. GOD IS GOOD!
For a long time, after salvation, GOD had been speaking to my heart about preaching the WORD. Like many, I wrestled over and over about all that involved. What would people think about me? What about my family, friends and co-workers, the community, on and on? If you are reading this and are a servant of God, you know exactly what I mean. For a good while I just kept it all in my heart, BUT, one day I decided to give up, and let it be known that GOD has called me to preach HIS WORD. Needless to say, friends changed, family changed, even some friends in our church at the time. I EXPECTED IT! But my Wife had also been burdened about God's calling in our life but kept it in her heart until I told her. Friend let me say that if your wife isn't "in it" with you, consider it a red flag. I don't know what I would do without her.
Then on to the seminary, study, study, and still studying which is a daily thing. All the theology degrees, and more, are now way in the past, but still as for me, I consider the personal study of the BIBLE more precious than all the theology degrees combined. I love to study the WORD. As led by the Lord, we formed FAUQUIER BAPTIST CHURCH, met in a school for a while, and when the present building and property came on the market, we bought it and spent thousands in repairs, still spending to this very day.  GOD HAS BLESSED, we along with others suffered because of the COVID problem and many churches closed their doors, being devastated, but we push forward in the mane of JESUS CHRIST. And HE HAS BLESSED!!
EASTER is coming, APRIL 17th and we have marked that day as a DAY OF NEW BEGINNINGS for us and we pray that 2022 will be a very good year for the LORD'S CHURCH here, just south of Warrenton Virginia. This pastor is aware that many folks sorely miss the OLD TIME GOSPEL in this day of change and THE CONTEMPORARY CULTURE CHURCH. God's call to me is to preach his WORD, ALL OF IT, which I will never blush to say, or blush to preach. Come, be my guest, you will like it if you prefer the OLD-TIME GOSPEL, THAT SPEAKS TO THE SOUL. You will find a friend here!