Fauquier Cowboy Church
Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Cowboy Church Pastor

   This is me... such as I am, married to Betty, my one and ONLY that God has blessed me with, Pastor by the will of God of FAUQUIER COWBOY CHURCH. The above picture was taken one evening during our first annual Fall Round-up. That particular evening we were a little more up-beat than usual what with the suit and all. Usually, you will find me with Wrangler jeans, work shirt, always boots, and driving a Dodge Ram diesel dually pickup truck. I carry a rope in my truck (ranch rope, xsoft, 7/16 scant) and there's several more ropes around the place, but have gotten a little rusty throwing a loop. In times past did farrier work (North Texas School) which paid part of my way through seminary.  
   Rough as a corncob, some say, but I love the Lord Jesus Christ, and the rest of God's family... God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and the whole family of God speaking of God's children. I believe the Bible is the Word of God, from cover to cover, and likewise, as one of my mentors said, even the covers which say THE HOLY BIBLE. 
   My favorite Bible verse is Romans 10:13, "For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."
   My favorite horse is the Quarter horse, although I like all of them, especially the mini horses (pets).
   My favorite saddle is an old well used HEREFORD (Yoakum, Texas) rough out roping saddle, full rigging, the kind that bronc riders like, that has been rebuilt from the tree up. (near priceless). Also have several ENGLISH saddles when the notion strikes to ride english. 
   My Bible is the King James Bible which is without error or contradictions.
   I have had the blessings to be a college graduate, a seminary graduate, and have completed a bunch of other diploma courses that have been helpful. But there is one thing that is greater than all the universities, schools, and colleges on the face of the earth combined, that is, I've been to the cross. Aside from the cross, I count the old WILLIFORD SCHOOL, Anderson County, South Carolina, as the one that was most valuable and developmental to me. School always began with prayer by the principal, and then, the pledge of allegiance. We were taught and we learned many things that have personally helped guide my life to this very day.
   As far as military service is concerned, I am a USAF veteran, Vietnam era, honorable discharge.
   OK, so that's about it or someone may attempt to steal my ID. None of us can be too careful today about that.
   At COWBOY CHURCH, we have Sunday School at 9:45, and preaching at 11:00 on Sundays, and pretty much a full service on THURSDAY evenings at 7:00 PM.
   It is our goal, to start other COWBOY CHURCHES in our immediate community or wherever God leads, so stay tuned or call me personally 347-0074 if you want to be involved in getting a Cowboy Church up and going. 
   THANKS and remember, Christ was born in a stable and is coming again riding a WHITE HORSE! Will you be riding with HIM? Revelation 19:11-16.