Fauquier Cowboy Church
Wednesday, December 01, 2021


    Excuse the poor quality of the picture. The saddle is not dirty or mildewed. This old saddle is a genuine Bonanza saddle used in some episodes of the western series, Bonanza. Since we moved the large pulpit out, a stand is used and the saddle seat is where we put things while the service is underway.
   If you think this is odd, then might as well tell you that we take up the offerings with buckets, metal, old style buckets. (They are not often filled up, however!) Nowhere in the Bible does God say to use fancy offering plates! Or to meet in fancy buildings.
   Speaking of fancy, we are probably too fancy as it is, compared with some other cowboy churches. I wish we had a barn-like building somewhere on the property to meet in every once in a while.  
   What is suppose to take place in God's House, EVERY CHURCH, EVERYWHERE, no matter if the meeting place is in a barn, livestock sales arena, rodeo, down by the riverside, chicken house, or living room, is the PREACHING OF THE WORD OF GOD. We can get by with without singing, we can get by without a lot of things, but no church can get by without the preaching of the WORD OF GOD. 
   So come on! Our gathering place was a Masonic Lodge, remodeled and now a church, there is a nice padded chair for you and your family! You will always be welcomed!